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You are alive
Jealousy gives your the opposite of what you want. Choose gratefulness instead
Whatever you feel, you are going to get. — #goddessempowerment
You are what you eat. Feed yourself with love. — #goddessempowerment
Don't let the views of others halt your own progress. Choose you instead. — #goddessempowerment
Nobody knows you like you do. Ask yourself first. — #goddessempowerment
Give your body a compliment. — #goddessempowerment

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Episode-003: Is Intuition Real?

Is Your Intuition Real?

Have you ever wondered what your intuition really is and even if it’s real? If so you’re going to love this week’s episode. I’ll dive into where that gut feeling comes from and the different tools that you can use to more easily connect with your own intuitive guidance for more successful decision-making. What your… Read Notes »


3 Ways to Turn Disappointment into Your Success

The theme for this episode is how to deal with disappointment. Unmet expectations are all too common and things not going the way you expect them to is not something that will ever go away. That's why it’s really empowering to understand how to stay positive and leverage your disappointment so that you can have… Read Notes »

episode-001: How a Superwoman Like You Can Find Passion Professionally

How a Superwoman Like You can Find Passion Professionally

Finding a professional outlet that inspires us and fills us up with passion is a common desire when it comes to career fulfilment. If this is a desire that you are not fulfilling, this week’s episode is for you. You may just have so many priorities in you life that it is tricky to find… Read Notes »